December 19, 2017 aaron.savage

Top Google Partner opens offices in Oxford at St Clements

Top Google Partner, Be Different, today announced the opening of their Oxford office. Oxford companies can benefit from a local Online Marketing Agency with a pedigree that is difficult to match. We already have offices in Central London at King’s Cross as well as our Surrey office in Purley. Purley houses our purpose built photographic and film studio for the creative team. The new Oxford office enables us to serve the needs of our existing clients and prospects around the area. It also provides a convenient place to meet with clients who prefer not to travel into London from the Midlands and Home Counties.

Be Different recognised as a top Google Partner

The Google Partner program recognises agencies who have invested time into developing a deep understanding of Google’s best practice. This includes the Advertising platform, analysis and reporting, and the latest mobile web development techniques to optimise content. We are one of the few agencies to hold accreditations across all Google specialities. During a recent meeting with Google they told us that we are their number 1 performing agency in the UK amongst our peer group of agencies.

Google ranks agencies based on Country and the vertical markets each agency operates in. They assess the size of each agency and compare it to competitors. These range from agencies half the size, right up to twice the size. This is called a Peer Group. How you perform against your Peer Group determines the rank you are given. Google rank each agency for effectiveness, ROI and Ad Spend.

We were compared to this group with the following results.

Top Google Partner comes to Oxford

Following a very strong third quarter of results, Be Different grew Adwords spend by 711%. This compares to 13% on average and 318% for the 5 top most ranked agencies in our peer group. It was very humbling and pleasing all at once.

You can view our Google Partner’s Page here.

Be Different Setting up home in Oxford, St Clements

We knew we wanted to be close to the city centre and we also wanted a base that gave us flexibility. When we found Angel Court on St Clements Street, we knew we had found what we wanted. We have clients within easy reach so Oxford is perfect for us.

There are some brilliant companies in Oxford, and we are meeting with them. We excel at taking new, innovative brands into established markets to disrupt them. Our typical client needs to make their marketing budget go further because they are taking on much larger competitors. We excel in that kind of environment.

The technology we developed gave us a crucial advantage online. This typically means we deliver results that are between 133% and 200% better than our competitors. That is why we are a top Google Partner.

We are open for business and looking forward to discussions with prospects how we do it.

To get in touch simply drop us an email at

Call us on 01865 600 912.

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