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Search engine marketing (SEM) is also called Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. It is the most exciting thing to happen to advertising in decades.  Google Adwords changed everything. Our offices in London, Oxford and Surrey all offer PPC services.

Be Different with Search Marketing

We are Google Partners and we have developed a Search strategy that produces amazing results. We focus on traditional advertising skills with copywriting to produce quality ads.  These are tailored to the Keywords that your customers are searching for. We also employ aggressive bidding tactics for your Keywords. We complete the puzzle and provide a user experience that is tailored to the buying impulse of your customers. It runs through from the initial search and guides your user through to purchase. This strategy and the tactics we use around it make our results perform better than other PPC agencies.


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Talk to us about Search marketing and how we can help you.

The benefit to you is that we get more clicks for less budget.  We also earn more sales for our clients with Pay Per Click.  That means more of your money comes back to you in profit when you work with us compared to our competitors.

Why is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising so exciting?

The reason PPC is so exciting is because it presents an ad to a consumer or business at exactly the same time as they are looking for information on that exact subject.  This is the most timely and relevant form of advertising ever devised by the industry.  It is also the most targeted.   There are 3 key bullseyes that make this possible and PPC hits them all.

  • Timely
  • Relevant
  • Personal

How is Search advertising researched?

It has several stages.  Each requires skill and experience to deliver a compelling campaign.  We don’t just drive traffic to your site. We combine our strategic web development and usability experience to provide a user journey.  It ensures that as many as possible of those visitors convert to customers.

Research is the key to search marketing.  We look at the keywords and volume of people searching for each one.  We then match this to your offer.  Many clients find that these results produce keywords they had never thought of.  A lot of planning and volume prediction goes into this and we have developed our own tools and techniques to match offers to search terms.  They carry Google’s own seal of approval and are the most effective in the entire industry.

How do you put Search advertising into practice?

Our creativity really shines through during the next stage.  We create compelling advertising copy that inspires your audience to click through to your website.  Our copywriters are experts because they have many years of experience.   We often enjoy the highest click through rate of all advertisers for the terms we bid on.  It isn’t possible to do better than that.

Pay Per Click works as an auction.  Whoever bids the most will achieve high advertising positions.  There are techniques however to get higher positions and bid lower.  We know all the techniques to do this, therefore our ads achieve higher positions at lower prices.  It means we run the most successful advertising campaigns.  Finding the balance between cost and position is a skill in itself and we excel at it.  We use our own proprietary tools.  They ensure we maintain position for our clients  They also achieve this at the lowest media cost possible in order to preserve our clients’ margins, and create campaigns that are optimal.

We charge for this service based on hourly rates rather than commission.  Many competitors charge on commission for the media they buy.  For every click they purchase, they earn something back.  We disagree with that and think it is a conflict of interests.  It doesn’t produce the best results for clients. Therefore we charge for every hour we spend campaigns.  It is fair and transparent.  It also matches our aim to produce the best service we can at the best price.

We run search marketing campaigns for Simply Beef and Lamb The Shared Learning Trust, Tonik Energy and Polar UK. Take a look at the links to our campaigns for our clients.

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