June 4, 2019 aaron.savage

Convert more First Time Buyers. Use your website to sell more houses.

Help for estate agents to sell more houses

Many Estate Agents know that first time buyers often do not know what they want. They also change their minds about it through the sales process. It can be very frustrating. Our team help you inspire them to make homes in the houses you show them. We do this with unique content published on your website completely free of charge to you. Therefore all costs are met by our client.

We are a premiere digital agency based in Kings Cross, London, looking to partner with estate agents across the UK on behalf of our client.

Our client is a major retailer of household furnishings.  Their plan is to create a series of guides.  These aim to inspire new home and first time buyers. They provide inspiration to furnish their new home, and ideas how to make the most of each room.

When first time buyers can imagine the space as a comfortable home, they are more likely to buy. Therefore they connect with the homes you show them on an emotional level. All this makes a sale more likely with a happy customer.

Quality traffic for estate Agents websites

We provide you with unique, useful, well-written and insightful articles. You also receive free tips about how you can successfully promote your website online. If we were selling this expertise it would cost a lot of money, but this campaign is fully financed by our client. It all means you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Estate agents benefit from expertly crafted content that is directly relevant to target prospects. It will therefore encourage new traffic to your site that is directly relevant to your business goals. You will also provide additional engagement for your existing website traffic through the content.

A guide for first time buyers decorating your new home

Drive quality traffic to your website with expert advice for first time buyers

The first piece is aimed at “First Time Movers”. We want to share this with Estate agents seeking this kind of traffic. It’s a really helpful and informative guide full of tips and suggestions. It helps first time buyers select and arrange furniture for a new home. Successive articles include “Interior Wellness”. This advises you how your furniture and decor affects your overall wellbeing. Another article discusses family time in the home.

Each article includes links to various interesting external sites, including a few relevant links to our client’s website. These links fit the overall theme of the article very well. They are therefore extremely helpful for any reader looking for inspiration or more information.

Tips to promote your website

We are willing to share our expertise and help you successfully bring more prospects to your website – entirely for free.

If this premiere and unique service is of interest to you, please contact us via the email link enquiry@be-different.co.uk. Alternatively, telephone one of our offices.

London0203 287 5426

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