We find our WordPress SEO Agency services increasingly in demand. The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) powers 33% of all websites on the web according to W3Techs. It is also increasing market share. Our technical team first encountered WordPress in 2007. That is over 10 years ago now. We have watched it steadily grow up over the years to occupy the dominant position it holds today. WordPress has also grown technically and now represents one of the most fully featured CMS systems available. It powers everything from the smallest blog to enormous eCommerce multi-sites, and everything in between.

Powered by WordPress SEO Agency Services

Whatever size site, driving traffic remains a constant priority. We developed specialist techniques to boost WordPress SEO. The results we get are very impressive.

How to SEO WordPress sites

Our standard SEO techniques are broken down into the following core skills

  • Keyword research to identify relevant high traffic phrases
  • Optimised copy on the page
  • Optimised code to prioritise copy
  • Backlink profile

Our SEO for WordPress service uses the techniques and applies them to the specific CMS environment.

WordPress SEO Agency services in practice


First we research the language that your customers use most often. This identifies the correct keywords that will win you traffic most likely to convert. We have a technology platform that helps us. It is one of the most advanced available and gives us the best information to work with.

This ensures you are confident that we have identified the right phrases.


Next we use the keywords to create meaningful copy. It details your products and services as well as the ‘Call to action’ that your customers respond to.

In many cases we use a technique called Dynamic Content insertion. It is a tool that looks at the keyword your customer used, and ensures the keyword and tailored content is delivered as part of the landing page. It is really easy to get this wrong, but we make use of WordPress specific plugins that produce perfect results. We excel at this technique and use it a lot.


The SEO skill that separates us from the competition is our knowledge of code. We specifically look at the code structures inside the WordPress CMS. Our techniques ensure the content is framed and presented within perfect code structures. We add stress to important phrases by setting code structures around it. It is the same as making text stand out by making it bold or a different colour. We make it easier for search engines to read in the same way we make it easier for human beings.


Backlinks provide the final piece of the puzzle. These are the different links across the wider web that all point at your content. We craft a backlink profile so that it has only quality links with quality link text in order to create the best set of backlinks. As with the other SEO skills, it is really easy to get this wrong but we are experts and know exactly how to do this.

Our WordPress SEO Results are very impressive

  • We average 599% increase in organic traffic through our work across all clients
  • One client saw and increase of 1,320% increase in their traffic from SEO in 7 months.
  • For every £1 our clients spend on our services we deliver £20 back on average
  • We delivered approximately £1M of additional revenue to one client from our SEO work.
  • On average we produce results that are 300% better than other agencies our clients worked with.

Free SEO Audit

If you would like to find out how optimized your current WordPress site is then enter details below and we will provide you with a free SEO audit.

  • The name of the person who the report should be addressed to (required field)
  • Email address that the report should be sent to. The email address should match the domain you wish to analyse. We are only able to supply you with analysis of a site you own. Therefore your email address and the URL of the site you wish to analyse should match. We are unable to supply analysis For email addresses that do not match the URL request.
  • The business telephone number that we can contact you on. Requests with incorrect telephone numbers will be considered SPAM requests and ignored.
  • The URL of the website you wish to analyse. This should match the domain of the email you entered above. Please note the https prefix, and edit this if your site still uses http.
  • The more you can tell us about what you would like to achieve, the better we can tailor the information for you. Think about the amount of traffic you have, and how much you would like to see this increase, as well as how this will increase sales. Think in terms of percentages as well as actual values. Maybe you want to benchmark yourself against a competitor. If so, then tell us and we can add this to your report.
Yoast SEO For WordPress

Is Yoast SEO for WordPress all you need?

The emphatic answer to this question is “no”. Please don’t misunderstand us. We love Yoast and install the plugin on every site we build as well as the sites we optimize. It is a great plugin tool and has done great things for copywriting standards online.

If you look back though at our standard services you will see that copywriting is just one of the four disciplines that make up our SEO Services. Therefore it can only help with one quarter of the work that is needed to fully otpimise your content.

It is true that Yoast helps you optimize your content structure with headings but there is also more to this task than headings. To prioritise code for copy you need to look at lots of different aspects of the site. As a result, this often requires a bespoke approach for each website.

Yoast SEO does do some of the work, but if you expect it to do all of the work, you will be disappointed with the results. Plenty of our clients tried that before coming to us and they can see the difference.

SEO For WordPress therefore requires a lot of different skills. We possess those skills at a very high level, and are the best choice to get the best results for you.

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