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Accessibility & usability for web design

Accessibility & usability for web designAccessibility is a web design technique and it ensures a site can be read correctly by any device.  This includes devices used by people with disabilities.  Consequently desktops, laptops, mobile and tablets all require accessibility for a great web experience.

People with sensory disabilities benefit from accessibility a lot.  It is especially relevant for people who are hard of hearing, blind and partially sighted.  They use tools called screen readers and subtitles to help them.  An Accessible website is easy for the tools to read as naturally as possible.  Therefore it creates a better experience for everyone.

People with physical disabilities have other tools that replace keyboards or make it easier to type and interact with the computer.  Consequently everyone benefits from websites that are easy to interact with.

The simplest way to understand it is a series of guidelines for web design. Beyond that, it defines good standards of web design.  This benefits all users of the site. It makes a site easier for everyone to interact with. This is why we take it seriously and why we are fanatical about the quality of our code.

Why is web accessibility important?

The Disability Discrimination Act set out to create a society where people with disabilities had the same rights and access as everyone else.  It gave a specific example and consequently web services were linked to accessibility. It identified websites that make services available.  This is especially relevant because it is one of the cheapest ways for companies to provide access. In addition, all government sites are required to achieve a certain level of accessibility.

Our approach to accessibility

Rather than following the guidelines blindly, we take a different approach.  We find that better results come by taking a much more inclusive view. You need to look at the overall structure of the information on the page. We then achieve the greatest level of usability for each page irrespective of the device or aid being used.

The results mean that our sites are clean and clear. They provide user journeys for visitors to follow and access the information as quickly and efficiently as possible. All this adds up to greater satisfaction for users.

This is reflected in the traffic reports we produce for our clients. They show where engagement and deeper usage of the site are all evident.

Our in-house experts know exactly how to make a site more usable through accessibility. They create award winning sites in this area and are recognised experts in their field.  Consequently our services achieve more than many of our competitors. As a result, you should talk to us if accessibility and usability are important to you.

We provide these services to many of our clients.

Select one of our other services from the icons below to find out about how we can help you with your requirements and why we do things different.

Accessibility & usability for web design
Accessibility & usability for web design
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