SEO Agency Surrey – Our story began at our office in Purley. It was the first to offer our Search Engine Optimisation Services, and many of our team remain based here. Consequently many of our advanced techniques were also developed here, to benefit our clients.

It is now part of our network across our London and Oxford offices. We at Be Different provide SEO services to clients across the region from this base. Our clients include both large and small companies. They all know online traffic is the key to business success. We provide expert advice how to achieve that. Search engine optimisation combines different skills that all bind together.

SEO Agency Surrey. Search Engine Optimisation in Purley

The problem with search engine optimisation services

Many clients come to us after having a bad experience with other agencies and we are very interested to learn exactly what they have been getting for their budget. A familiar story has emerged over the years.

Four key skills combine to make good SEO. Problems occur when one or more is missing.

Keyword research – SEO agency Surrey skills

First there are the keywords. We research and learn how your target customers refer to your products and services. Many organisations and industries have their own jargon. They often forget that customers may not be familiar with this. Consequently customers may use a different language altogether. Similarly clients may be absolutely convinced that a certain phrase is perfect. We prove the terms rarely searched online with our research. Many are also too general to deliver engaged traffic that will convert. We eliminate these and focus on the right keywords.

Keyword research identifies the phrases your audience use most often. There are usually quite a few surprises that result from this. In the end we can say with certainty what keywords and phrases will produce the most engaged traffic for a new client.

Copywriting & optimised content – SEO agency Surrey skills

Once we know the language your prospects use, we develop laser targeted content to engage them. This includes a lot of copywriting but also includes images and video wherever possible.

Our team need to concentrate to do this and the quiet leafy peace of Purley is perfect to produce the best work. We optimise our copy properly for the phrases that create traffic, but also add lots of synonyms too. It is really easy to overdo this. We have systems in place that analyse the text to ensure it is within safe limits. The result is copy that search engines can index easily and conveys exactly the information your visitors want to find.

Code optimisation – SEO agency Surrey skills

This is the technical aspect of our SEO services and is often overlooked by other companies. Code presents your content to search engines. It helps them understand what is most important and which parts have priority. Consequently good on page copy is not enough on its own. It is essential the content is coded correctly to present it in the best possible way to search engines. We know how to do this, it is a skill that sets us apart from others.

Failure to do it is often the main reason why content doesn’t rank well in the search engines.

Backlink profile – SEO agency Surrey skills

The last part of our complete SEO service addresses all the links and mentions that a company has across the wider web.  Things such as directory listings, articles and social media links all add up to create the backlink profile.  It is a complex network and many links can actually count against your backlink profile so it is a skilful job to identify and gain the links to help you rank for the keyword terms you want.  We use techniques that make this tool really work for you, to build a backlink profile that really improves your search rankings and drives traffic to your site.

Local clients such as Into The Blue use our Surrey office for SEO services.

SEO Audit Request Form

We also offer a free SEO audit of your existing site. It shows how optimised your website currently is. We will show you how to improve it. Simply fill in your details below to get one:

  • The name of the person who the report should be addressed to (required field)
  • Email address that the report should be sent to. The email address should match the domain you wish to analyse. We are only able to supply you with analysis of a site you own. Therefore your email address and the URL of the site you wish to analyse should match. We are unable to supply analysis For email addresses that do not match the URL request.
  • The business telephone number that we can contact you on. Requests with incorrect telephone numbers will be considered SPAM requests and ignored.
  • The URL of the website you wish to analyse. This should match the domain of the email you entered above. Please note the https prefix, and edit this if your site still uses http.
  • The more you can tell us about what you would like to achieve, the better we can tailor the information for you. Think about the amount of traffic you have, and how much you would like to see this increase, as well as how this will increase sales. Think in terms of percentages as well as actual values. Maybe you want to benchmark yourself against a competitor. If so, then tell us and we can add this to your report.

Why our SEO Services are different

Many agencies offer one or two of the services we have outlined and they probably do them very well.  The problem with that is you will never achieve the Search Engine rankings you want just by employing some of the skills necessary.  It is only when you employ all of them together that you see the results you want.  This is the single biggest reason why most SEO agencies do not deliver what clients want.  It is also why we are different and can deliver where others fail.

We are expert in all four disciplines, and that is quite rare.  It is why we think we are the number one SEO agency in Surrey.

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