November 3, 2015 aaron.savage

New Website coming soon

There is an old saying…

“It’s the cobbler’s children who go unshod.”

For those who aren’t familiar with the saying it means that the cobbler spends so much time making shoes for others that he has no time to make shoes for his own family! 

We’ve become a classic case of ‘cobblers children’ – we’ve had some fantastic busy years working with great clients and the business has grown beyond all imagining in a few short years. So much so that we have neglected our own website!

We’re very pleased to say that this is now being rectified.  Deborah joined us recently as part of the Account and New Business team and is full of ideas.  She has taken to the helm to bring our own web presence up to the same standard as our clients, and we are finally pushing our own project to the top of the pile.

As always, there is no shortage of new talent to be found in our studios.  With award winning designers and cutting edge technical programmers, you only have to look at our client work see how this translates.  

Fresh perspectives and new ideas can bring about some amazing things.  For a creative agency like ours we always benefit exponentially with every new hire we make, and for a prospective client, letting us loose on a creative brief could produce something really special. 

We are on our countdown and our new site is being readied for launch.  So don’t let our website fool you, we’ll be our shiny new selves before you know it!

Feel free to check back and see what we’ve come up with, or get in touch to chat to us about any project requirements you have.  We’re always happy to talk!

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