July 7, 2012 aaron.savage

Breakfast Week selects Be Different for online

Breakfast Week is fast becoming a mid Winter Campaign of note.  It celebrates the Great British Breakfast.  It introduce consumers to the importance of eating a good breakfast each day.  This helps you to concentrate, and perform better throughout the day.

Be Different won the appointment to provide Online Services to HGCA.  This is a two year appointment.

The appointment follows a competitive pitch.  An incumbent agency was unseated. The work includes the campaign website and online marketing for January 2013, and 2014.

HGCA and Breakfast Week

Breakfast week is the major campaign for HGCA.  It is a high profile appointment.   Be Different will be working alongside PR agency Ceres.  Ceres are a specialaist food agency. The two have collaborated on pitches and existing business before.

HGCA and Breakfast Week

Get Breakfast Week ready for 2013

“Our first task will be to move the existing website away from any content restrictions.  This provides a full content management system that can be updated by HGCA.  Then we must use our creative skill to properly reflect the energy that Breakfast Week captures.”  said Pete Skinner, Managing Director of Be Different.  “We will be working with quite challenging budgets but we are an agency of experts.  We give a bang for buck return that is difficult to beat.  Our UK based team has got bagfuls of experience.  That means we can get things done a lot quicker than others can.  We also operate a lot of modern practices that means we cut overheads.  As much budget as possible is spent where it counts, on delivery, strategy, and planning.

Breakfast Week has been running for several years.  Each year it has got bigger.  Our work will continue that trend.  Events run up and down the country.  The tag line of Shake up Your Wakeup has captured the imagination of the nation.  It is perfect timing as well.  Breakfast week happens when you start to notice the mornings getting brighter.  Spring is on the way.  Even though it is still cold outside the extra daylight is a sure sign.

The Breakfast Week site will be available at


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