March 19, 2012 aaron.savage

Be Different Facebook Mother’s Day campaign for EBLEX

Be different launched a Facebook application for EBLEX as part of a campaign. It invites users to enter one of their mum’s recipes to win a fantastic prize.


The campaign was launched on the Simply Beef and Lamb Facebook page, and consists of a form inside the Facebook group which links directly to the Simply Beef and Lamb website also developed by Be Different for EBLEX.


Be Different’s Strategic Director, Aaron Savage, said “We have developed a publishing system so that EBLEX can put together competition campaigns to very short deadlines.  This one was put together and released in less than a week.  It means that whether you are publishing to a website or to social media platforms, the process is the same.  We expect more of our clients to be using this and therefore be able to react in real time to what is happening in social media.  The prospects are very exciting on what you can achieve.

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